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Inspiration December 29, 2010

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My sweethearts...

Motherhood took me completely by surprise.  Becoming a mother was, without a doubt, the second most transformative experience in my life.  I never expected to be so madly in love.  To feel so alive, so challenged, so creative, so keenly aware of the beauty and pain of this existence.

Life suddenly became endlessly more complicated and simultaneously so simple.  So pure.  Priorities so true and clear. 

Laundry basket tickles

So the main inspiration for this blogging venture is right here… flowing from these two wiggling, giggling, squealing little girls. You’ll have to excuse me if this blog first and foremost attempts to document our lives together. It is going by way too fast and deserves to be recorded!  So chalk some of this up to the virtual scrap-booking category, because I sure can’t seem to get to the actual thing…

This gorgeous job of mothering is not without its glitches. One of them being the sort of surreal isolation that can creep in.  Especially after the arrival of my second daughter, I found that a mom can find herself missing some of those good old “heart to hearts” with a girlfriend. Ok, a girl can miss finishing a complete sentence, let alone a thought, sometimes. In the midst of all the doing, saying, teaching, one realizes she doesn’t know what is really going on with her mom friends, and they may not know what is really going on with her.  I am thankful for so many great “in the flesh”  friends to love, but I sure do enjoy reading what is going on with the cyber moms.

The blog world is a place for the complete conversation. While reading around out here, I found an amazing dialog, a sense of humor, and a fresh perspective on the significance, (and sometimes silly insignificance), of what we are doing.  I have found my faith strengthened & my hope renewed. Here mommies can formulate a thought, share their heart, and weave a tale that makes me laugh out loud, weep, or just nod in agreement.

While there are so many fabulous blogs I have peeked at, my two “go-to” blogs, (the girls I simply can’t get enough of), are Stephanie at Metropolitan Mama and Darcie at Such the Spot. You’ll have to excuse me if I’m not hooked on your blog just yet. Give me some time & please feel free to share a link…

Stephanie’s Metropolitan Mama is a resource for all things mom. She is a fantastic writer, an amazing mother, and a woman full of determination and daring. Oh yeah- did I mention that her family is changing the world? Check out their new adventure at Give Every Day as they travel the country in their RV living out l-o-v-e. In real life, Stephanie is just as savvy, pulled together, kind, and generous as you would expect.  To quote E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web, “It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer” (emphasis mine).  Stephanie is both. 

Now over to Darcie at Such the Spot… this girl can WRITE.  As a lover of fiction, I’m here to tell you that Darcie can tell a tale like no other- even her true ones read like the very best fiction! If she wrote cereal boxes I would devour every word- oh, who am I kidding?  I read those anyway.  But if Darcie wrote them, they would be really gripping!  I recently had the privilege of meeting her in person, and she is a delight; just as warm, witty, & literate as you would expect from her “spot”.

As for Mommying Grace… right now- nothing more ambitious than chronicling our lives, gaining some perspective, processing my jumble of ideas, and connecting with you in your phase of life. Yikes! This may be a bit ambitious after all…

Thanks for reading.  Hang in there.

What are your favorite blogs and why do you read them?


19 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. Miss Dayna I am so excited to read your blog. You are very talented in your writing skills despite what you may think and I love to hear your complete thoughts and sentences about your baby girls:)

    My favorite blogs, I think we’ve talked about are

    Enjoying The Small Things (


    Dear Stevie (

    Thanks for sharing your world friend!


  2. Welcome to the blogosphere! So glad you took the plunge and shared your life through your blog with the rest of the world. It can be intimidating, that’s for sure. Took me weeks to get the nerve to push “Publish” for the first time. But now after helping lots of other people design and launch their online life, I say, there’s no right or wrong way to blog. Its an expression of you and intensely personal and subjective. There’s no formula except to be yourself.

    I so agree that this is the perfect place for moms to connect. Its easy to feel overwhelmed, isolated and not-good-enough in your mothering skills and its nice to be able to connect with other moms who are feeling and experiencing (or have recently) the same things.

    So glad to add you to my reader! 🙂

    • dohadden Says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words Nicole. They brought tears to my eyes. It is intensely personal- perfect phrase.
      Your encouragement means so much considering your expertise. I love your blog/website.

  3. So glad you sent me your link! I love your blog already!

    Some of my fav’s are and From Inmates To Playdates… along with the two you mentioned, and many many more (but baby steps, right? Don’t want to get overwhelmed!)

  4. Kelly` Says:


  5. Dayna, I love this! What a great start you have here, and I feel the same way about the blogs you mentioned. Darcie’s blog was my first and my favorite. 🙂

  6. stephanie Says:

    I almost cried when I read your compliment. Thank you, Dayna. You are a true friend indeed. I’m going to miss you!

    My favorite blogs as of late?
    * Adventures in Babywearing –
    * Emerging Mummy –
    * Moments w/ Love –
    * So many others…

    And, of course, I LOVE Such the Spot too…Darcie is a gem.

  7. You are so right – there are so many ways that blogging – and the women that I ‘know’ and love through this medium – have changed my life! You named one of my favourites in Stephanie at Metropolitan Mama. Welcome to the neighbourhood!

    • dohadden Says:

      Wow Sarah! Thank you so much for stopping by! What an honor. Your blog (and you) seem simply amazing. I recently have been checking it out more regularly on Steph’s links (of course). You are a fantastic writer with a clearly awesome heart. I loved a recent post about your daughter and Jesus 🙂 I will have to comment over there pronto! Thanks again.

  8. I’m so late in commenting on this. I completely missed this one when we were out of town!

    I had a hunch that meeting you in person would be a treat and, as it turns out, my hunch was right. You are every bit as thoughtful and true and full of class as your blog comments would imply. I hope we can get together again sometime soon!

    I’m touched by your compliments to my blog. And to be included in the ranks with Stephanie…well, wow. Thank you, Dayna!

    One last thing…while I’ve been seriously sucky at blog posting and reading lately, I have to tell you that your voice is both an inspiring and refreshing one here in the blogosphere. Your open letter to your patient’s parents stirred me when I read it and it’s stayed with me. So glad you decided to take the leap!

    • dohadden Says:

      Thank you thank you Darcie. (All breathless and encouraged and teary-eyed).
      Your last paragraph is a soothing balm to my chapped soul right now.
      OK- so I was weepy and poetic and now I sound like I’m talking about diaper rash! Ha! Only a mom/nurse, right?
      Anyway, you get the idea: Thanks! I needed a little encouragement right now…

  9. […] books we have enjoyed, but it is our swiftly moving life. I look back at the pictures of the girls last year and then see them this year. I remember how much we have experienced, learned and […]

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