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Un-Christmas January 12, 2011

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Incognito- look closely!

 We took down the last of the Christmas decorations yesterday. There weren’t that many, but the big girl got especially attached to them this year. I’m pretty sure that she will have a period of withdrawal.  No more leaping out of bed in the morning to admire our little Christmas tree. No more quizzing me on all the different people pictured in the photo cards we received. (I love getting those, don’t you?) No more playing with the “activity” set (that’s nativity to you :)), while her baby sister naps because the tiny sheep are choking hazards.  And of course, there will have to be some serious debriefing for a couple of nutcracker princes who were fully integrated into Fisher Price Little People culture. 

Gingerbread house

Apparently three is the age that Christmas truly becomes magical. It really was spectacular to see everything through her eyes this year.  Most spectacular of all, was that it was magical long before her awareness that there might be any gifts involved. She simply couldn’t get enough of stories about baby Jesus or the people and animals that may have attended him. She would squeal and get all glittery-eyed over even the smallest strand of lights or pretend snow. Her little voice was lifted in carols all month-long, and she is fairly certain she can dance every single role in The Nutcracker given the proper attire.

Her excitement was contagious. We delighted in the Christmas crafts, some Christmas baking, and a little decorating.  She loved helping to wrap and package gifts for others, but certainly seemed to get the hang of unwrapping a few of her own. The little one had a great time too, but was pretty much along for the ride this year.  Next year she may be a different story…


Maybe next year these parents will have the Santa situation all figured out.  Maybe next year we will keep our resolve to not buy toys, secure in the knowledge that the  grandparents and aunties will have a blast doing just that.

Next year we will find a few more ways to give as a family that could really have an impact. Next year we will probably start the countdown a little sooner. (Maybe we’ll try Becca’s advent calendar). We are going to have to do something because she is already asking when Christmas is coming…


But for little girls ages one and three, this year was so much fun and just right. It was filled with faith, fun times, &  family.


Shhh! Don’t tell them… I think they have forgotten that because we are especially blessed in the grandparent department, we get to stretch the festivities a little longer and celebrate with the last set the end of January!


Do you decorate for Christmas? When do you take your decorations down? 


The biggie



6 Responses to “Un-Christmas”

  1. 3 is definitely the magical age! How fun!
    We decorate, and we take them down as soon as I get around to it… usually around the first. Though I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t gotten the outside lights down yet 😦

    • dohadden Says:

      So far three is it! Re: the lights- no matter- just don’t turn them on 😉 The big girl did ask where the Nutcracker was a couple of times today. I think he may have been secretly betrothed to one of the little people.

  2. stephanie Says:

    That house looks so fun! We had one similar to that before our big move…and it provided endless entertainment.

    • dohadden Says:

      They are having a fantastic time with the house! We have it perfectly positioned so I can watch from the kitchen sink. Although I have to admit I can’t resist the girls’ hospitality when they “invite me over” 🙂
      I remember yours and how much your girls enjoyed it. That is part of the reason we knew this was a great age for it. We weren’t quite ready to buy when yours was on Craig’s List or we would have snatched it up. Thankful for generous grandparents 🙂

  3. Kim Says:

    Good luck on your decision with how to go about the Santa thing. I personally love the magical ideas my kids come up with in describing him and the fun we have keeping the oldest believing. I also think there is a way to have the magic of Santa and the miracle of Jesus both in the same season. I was really upset this year when Aly came home from school and said her friend told her Santa isn’t real. When I asked why the friend thought that she said because her church told her so. I understand people choosing not to participate in the whole Santa thing, but sending children out to spoil the fun for the rest of the kids is downright mean in my opinion.

    • dohadden Says:

      Thanks for stopping by Kim:)
      Too funny! While I was grappling with the Santa thing this past year, I remember hearing you tell that story and thinking to myself “I certainly don’t want my kid to be THAT kid!”
      I think my issue with Santa isn’t so much a spiritual one because the roots of the his tradition are so positive. It is more the “gimme” greedy factor that seems to be associated with him that doesn’t sit well. Not his fault- just marketing and consumerism, right?.
      Thanks for all of your encouragement and comment!

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