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Still March 1, 2011

Filed under: Better life — dayna @ 11:35 pm

Lately around here, it has been a bit chaotic, confusing, or complicated to say the least. I haven’t felt very organized in putting together my thoughts, much less words.

That’s why I know that I’m really thankful for you. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for checking back in. I am blessed by such wonderful friends.

The other day we had another rare treat to be thankful for…

We awoke to a different light glowing white through our bedroom windows.

A snowy morning. In the desert. 

Isn’t there something so peaceful and still about silent snow falling overnight?

In the early daylight, there was an inch or so of soft white blanketing our rocky sharp edges and pokey plants.

So for now, I’m praying that you will continue to be patient and just join me in enjoying some pictures of desert girls playing in the remnants of the cold white stuff.

Love you.



And later that day, the best part: a sunny afternoon with clear views of powder-dusted mountains.


A girl can breathe out here…


2 Responses to “Still”

  1. Wasn’t it a magical morning? Beautiful pictures as usual Dayna, what a great memory for you and your girls.

  2. Wasn’t it fun? I know the forecasters predicted it, but we didn’t believe it until we woke up to snow!

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