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garden girls December 7, 2011

Filed under: Motherhood,sisters — dayna @ 11:55 pm

Last month, when the weather was still unseasonably warm, we visited the Tucson Botanical Gardens.

We enjoy the local flavor and ambling feel of this converted home and its surrounding gardens.

The vibrant colors and regional vegetation lend distinct Tucson flair, while seasonal festivities such as Luminaria nights and Butterfly magic help make each visit unique.

Overall, it is an enchanting experience, especially when shared with sweet friends.

Note: this is not one Tucson’s most budget-friendly family excursions. You might want to bring your coupons, membership cards, and picnic lunches!


3 Responses to “garden girls”

  1. Donita Says:

    I enjoy the botanical gardens, but I LOVE the luminaria nights and the boys and I all love the butterflies!
    We were there last spring:

  2. Amanda Says:

    This was such a lovely day! Let’s do it again sometime OK??

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